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A project close to our hearts that brings us even closer together. Because with ESSKALATION, in addition to being self-employed in the catering industry, we are fulfilling another dream: to introduce people to plant-based nutrition and show how versatile, creative and incredibly delicious it can be. Every meal that does not contain any animal products is a great win for us.

As siblings, our love of food has always connected us. In 2019, we turned this passion into our profession and founded ESSKALATION.

From foodie to restaurant owner

About Tom

"Being creative in the kitchen and developing gastronomic concepts is what fulfills me professionally."

As a geographer and remediation expert, I was very enthusiastic about being out in the field during my studies and analyzing soil layers. However, my passion for cooking eventually grew - and suddenly in the summer of 2019 we had our own restaurant and I cooked lunch for 100 people every day. I now mainly take care of our catering business, which is growing continuously and offers an enormous number of facets.

About Katja

"Between the oven, service & management - I'm whirling around everywhere."

Even though I always enjoyed my work in finance and accounting, the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur and only being able to deal with food and being a hostess was just too tempting. I'm glad that Tom pushed me back then to just dare to do it and leave my comfort zone. My favorite place in the ESSKALATION: The bakery, without a doubt!

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At ESSKALATION, the name says it all: We escalate! With our various concepts and our varied offering, we make plant-based nutrition socially acceptable. We avoid dogmatic approaches and simply convince with taste, consistency and emotions.

Despite all our love for culinary arts, one thing should not be forgotten: Attentive and friendly service plays a big role for us. We don't just bring your order to your table or prepare it behind the counter. Our aim is for you to have a great time with us, to be able to let go and simply enjoy yourself. And since vegan nutrition is not familiar to everyone, we are of course happy to share our knowledge and advise you with competence and a lot of passion for good food and great drinks.

Our philosophy.

Core values

With our different concepts and changing offerings, we show you how varied a plant-based diet can be – and it's also incredibly delicious.


In addition to our purely plant-based offering, we also pay attention to a sustainable approach in other areas of our company. For example, our lunch dishes to go can only be obtained in reusable containers and we try to avoid wasting energy and food as much as possible. In addition, the ESSKALATION should be a safe space for all team members and guests - free from any discrimination.


We regularly reinvent ourselves and our concepts. A rigid system quickly creates boredom for us. We involve our entire team in this process, giving them space for creative ideas and self-realization. This has already resulted in many exciting projects.


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